About us

GTO digital currency exchange now is a top-brand of a great and successful experience in providing of all the trading opportunities, which serves more than 80,000 of traders and has 300 employees onboard in 5 branches worldwide.

Nowadays we increase revenues of our business partners, whose decision was effective investing in bitcoins, hence they have built the long-term business relations with GTO, which is the most trusted bitcoin investment provider.

We provide our business clients with lots of different advantages , such as:

  • Varieties of accounts types: The wide line, developed for clients with different experience.
  • Security guarantees: All financial transactions are unhackable and for 100% safe.
  • Excellent terms of trade: Fast and convenient trading platform, help tools, reasonable fixed spreads.
  • Standards of regulation: Activity of our company meets the requirements of international association of brokers.

One more our precious benefit is GTO bonus program, which enables you to receive $250 right after the registration, and will have a chance to multiply this sum even up to 10 times!
For more details apply to our bonus program policy.

If one day you will decide to invest your bitcoins or any other cryptocurrency, know, that with GTO you will never stay alone.