From the very beginning of Bitcoin Mania, people been investing, purchasing, and earning cryptos, with every single way they could find. But on the top of that, many companies offer affiliate-networking programs, for making even more money out of the digital currency. Basically by joining affiliate programs, you generate one or more ways to get yourself a passive income, for each person you directly send to their website for registration or trading.  

From that point you just send customers directly to your referral and get some extra cash for every person you lead. Later one you can start not only drive traffic to your referral but also grow up your own brand as well as the core one will grow up as well.

Speaking about terms and conditions of the affiliate programs, they can differ from platform to platform, and every company can offer you something to your liking, such as one time referral bonus, or commision for your lifetime sales.

And while one time offers are good for right now, commision can offer you more flexible ways to promote your marketplace. To go even further some of those offer tiered referral, to keep your passive income for a lifetime.


Within GTOMarkets Affiliate Program, you can earn 30% of the fee from all trade operations of referred users, including their future purchases.

  1. Get a link

Share your personal referral link across the web

  1. Invite users

The more users you bring to, the more you earn

  1. Be rewarded

Get 30% of fee from all exchange transactions of your referred users!

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