Economic calendar

The calendar of important economic news is one of working tools of the trader. The rate of world currencies relative to each other depends on state of the economy in countries of issue of these currencies. Economic news report about the major recent trends and affect the market of currencies. Statements of heads of the Central Banks depict monetary policy on each specific currency. It helps to do exact forecasts at trade and make profitable transactions. News on the website can be sorted by date and by the country. Always be aware of the latest economic news with our calendar.

Calendar of holidays

National and international holidays do not always mean that Forex market has no auctions conducted. But in days of holidays the trading volumes are strongly reduced and a number of transactions loses meaning because of such a volume. Our calendar lists all major holidays when the financial exchanges in all main countries of the world don’t work. Keep your finger on the pulse of the stock market together with our calendar!

Calendar of the reporting

Dates of official releases of the companies which shares are traded at the Stock Exchanges are given in the calendar of the corporate reporting. Information on the profit of the company by the quarter, half a year, year is published in press releases. Important financial and corporate events are discussed: investments into development, merges and take-overs. Besides, they contain forecasts for the future. Corporate news influence rates of separate stocks, market indexes and exchange rates. Keep up with corporate news with our calendar.

Schedule of trading sessions

Building of trade strategy and work should occur corresponding to financial markets, their active and passive stages. All world exchanges are united in uniform network by means of the Internet and transactions in it never stop even for a minute. Large players of the markets are banks and investment funds, so-called market makers, work according to the schedule, and don’t carry out the transaction at night and at the weekend. The schedule of trading sessions will help to define the periods convenient for opening of long positions and periods of the largest volume of transactions which are suitable for aggressive trade.