Risk Management Tools

GTO markets (the company) is responsible for the further prevention of risks on side of our users. To be aware of the possible risks and factors and the common responsibility, read this electronic agreement in order to be sure of your rights.

All investors funds store separately and under the thorough control of bank authorities.

Money is insured and protected by bank financial experts, who are our reliable and respectful long-term business partners.

For effective and qualitative trading we use top-notch software and databases backed and created by international technical professionals.

We are fully responsible for clients assets security, this why we implement high-tech fraud detection methods and excellent identification solutions such as 2 factors authentication and password and personal information protection protocols.

GTO is very transparent and public. We are obligated to report investors and authorities and to be in touch with all our partners.

Due to the international agreement, GTO guarantees the safety and integrity of all transactions.